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This is fantastic Les Paul is in new condition and comes with a genuine Epiphone gig bag (I also have a genuine deluxe Epiphone hard shell case that I will include for an additional cost, just ask). The only playing time it has had was while I was doing new setup work on it to get it in optimal playing condition. The C shaped neck is flat across the back and I was able to set the strings nice and low while maintaining clearly ringing strings. Few of these Chinese made Les Pauls are up to the standard of this one. I can say that with confidence, having over 25 years experience playing and setting up guitars. 

The guitar has a few modifications as well. The original CTS pots, Switchcraft jack and 3 way switch, and Mallory resistors are intact with the original coil tapping circuit. The pickups have been changed out for high gain models based on the Seymour Duncan Invader. They have excellent clarity despite having very high output for passive pickups. These pickups will absolutely scream, but will also clean up very nicely. The tuners are not original, but fit exactly the same as the originals. Lastly, the knobs were swapped for genuine black Gibson speed knobs to better match the look of the guitar.

2016 Epiphone Les Paul 60s Tribute Plus Midnight Sapphire Blue

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