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This Ltd. Ed. 1958 Korina Flying V is a factory demo, and for that reason is marked "used" on the back of the headstock.  Other than this mark and the removed last 3 serial numbers, it is in new condition.  There are no scratches or dents.

I got in a Joe Bonamassa "Amos" Flying V at the same time as this guitar which sold before I got around to listing this one.  I actually much prefer this one, and this one is nearly half the price of the "Amos".  The fit and finish are every bit as good with this one, but I feel that this one is more resonant, and the tone sounds more full, better both clean and overdriven.

The playability is great.  The action is low and fast with no buzzing.  All notes ring out clearly.  Gibson lists the neck carve as being a 60s slim taper D, which makes no sense on a 1958 reissue.  The neck on this one is definitely C-shaped, more of a medium carve than a full '50s carve though.

SOLD - 2016 Epiphone Limited Edition "1958" Korina Flying V - Natural

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