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This 2017 Trenier Broadway is one that Bryant Trenier started making for himself while still living in New York and later finished in France. He finished it after receiving a request for a guitar with these specs. This Broadway model is Bryant's take on the classic, original Lloyd Loar 16-inch L-5, and like that guitar is parallel braced Much like John D'Angelico's earliest guitars, this one is slightly larger at 16 1/2 inches at the lower bout. Bryant finds this design to be "the perfect blend of power and beauty". I couldn't agree more. Listen to how this amazing guitar compares to a 1933 D'Angelico, as well as a 1932 Gibson L-10 and a 1938 Gibson L-50 by watching the video on this page.

In our opinion, this is one of the finest sounding archtops we have ever heard of any size. Bryant understands the art of carving and tuning an archtop at the highest level.

The playability is fabulous with level fretwork and a fresh set of Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze 12-53 strings. The fingerboard is made of ebony with mother of pearl block inlays. The 3-ply maple neck with a center stripe of walnut has a wide, shallow C-shaped carve with a nut width of 1.78 inches. The back and sides are made of solid flamed maple.  

Bryant does one of the nicest sunbursts of anyone today, and that work is on full display here. The finish is a French polish. It shows a few small scuffs and some minor finish wear around the back of the headstock and at the heel joint which Bryant says could easily be polished to return it to like new. According to Bryant, one of the beauties of the French polish finish is how easy it is to repair should it be needed or desired. As the finish issues on this guitar are normal wear and very minor, we are leaving it as is.

Weight - 4.16 lbs
Scale length - 24.75 inches

Neck depth 1st fret - 0.82 inches

Neck depth 10th fret - 0.92 inches

The guitar comes with its original hard case.

Shipping is free within the continental United States. We also ship worldwide. Contact us for rates.

SOLD- 2017 Trenier Broadway

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