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Not only were we able to get one of this very rare variation of the 1964 Reissue ES-335, but now we have a second available for sale.  This is essentially a custom order version with hand selected woods and done in a special, custom color.  While sparkling burgundy in and of itself is a historic color used for the ES-335, it was not used until 1967, during the period of the less popular narrow neck.  This one brings together this amazing candy color finish and the more popular early sixties specifications, resulting in a gorgeous instrument with superior playability.  These are the only two example of the 1964 reissue with stop bar tailpiece in sparkling burgundy that I have been able to find anywhere.  Some limited run reissues with Bigsby tailpieces were done for the Japanese market, but those are the closest I've been able to find.


The setup is beautiful and the guitar plays like a dream with low, fast action.  Gibson spec'd this guitar with original MHS pickups which are some of my personal favorite PAF reproductions.  They sound simply wonderful in this guitar, giving it a full, fat tone that sounds amazing either clean or overdriven.  It has a classic PAF, semi-hollow tone without a doubt.


The VOS finish and aged hardware look amazing.  The guitar has the look of a guitar that has been sitting in a case waiting to be played for over 50 years.  The only flaw to the finish is that the guitar appears to have been put in its case before the finish on the back of the neck had cured 100% and a slight imprint of the case fabric can be seen.  This does not affect playability.  It could probably be buffed out and will definitely disappear with some play time.  The back of the headstock is stamped DEMO.


The guitar comes in its original reissue hardshell case with certificate of authenticity, leather Gibson guitar strap, multi-tool, keychain, and unused polishing cloth.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.



SOLD - 2018 Gibson ES-335 Historic 1964 Reissue - VOS Sparkling Burgundy

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