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This made to measure Custom Shop Les Paul Custom has the unusual feature of three factory P90 pickups and the custom vintage white finish.  The guitar was for some reason wired at the factory with the middle and bridge pickups wired to the same poles on the volume pot.  This meant that with the toggle switch in the bridge (treble) position that the middle and bridge pickups would both be on in parallel with no option to for the bridge alone.  That was a pretty big issue, considering that a bridge P90 has been used for some of the most classic rock tones of all time.  This has been fixed with a push-pull pot which is currently wired so that when the pot is in the down position, only the bridge pickup is on.  When the pot is in the up postion, the middle and bridge are both on.  This means that you have five pickup options (neck only, neck and bridge, all three pickups, middle and bridge, or bridge only).  The original pot is included.


The guitar plays wonderfully with low, fast action.  All notes ring out clearly.  The pickups give classic P90 tones which can be used with clean, overdriven, or even high gain amps, all beautifully well.  The addition of the push-pull pot makes the guitar immensely more versatile and usuable than the factory wiring did.  Other than this pot switch, the wiring is all original.


The finish is in very good conditon with a few scattered, one millimeter dents and a couple of small finish check, as seen in the closeup photos adjacent to the control knobs.  The back of the neck has a very thin finish that I've seen on other white Gibsons of this era.  This allows the wood grain to show through somewhat, yielding a look almost like a "TV" finish.  The top coat is smooth and glossy throughout though.


Weight - 9.9 pounds

Nut width - 1.70 inches

1st fret depth - 0.85 inches

12th fret depth - 0.97 inches


The guitar comes with all of the original case candy, the certificate of authenticity, and original Lifton-style hard shell case.


Ships free in the continental United States.  We also ship worldwide.  Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 2018 Gibson Made to Measure Les Paul Custom - Three P90 - Vintage White

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