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This D'Aspiranto New York, was made by the well-respected Peerless factory in South Korea under the label of D'Aspiranto and styled after one of Jimmy D'Aquisto's designs, is in near mint condition. It shows only very light surface scratches, all of which could easily be buffed out if desired. Fret wear is also light. The original owner clearly took very good care of this guitar. 

It's my understanding that this model was a special order run that actually preceded the Peerless New York.  It is an identical guitar, other than the name and the D'Aspiranto has nicer, figured woods that the Peerless version does not.

The playability is superb with low action and clear ringing notes all over the fretboard. The neck is a medium C-shape, and is very comfortable in the hand. While the construction helps make it more feedback resistant than a fully carved archtop, it works quite well as an acoustic archtop. There is less bass response than the typical carved top acoustic archtop, but it has plenty of volume for at home playing unamplified. At the same time, it sounds great plugged in with the replacement Ibanez Johnny Smith pickup taken from a George Benson model.

The guitar comes with its original hard shell case.

SOLD - D'Aspiranto (Peerless) New York Archtop - Natural

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