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This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get one of only three of these prototypes with the custom Metalocalypse logo inlay on the fingerboard that are known to exist.  Please note the defects under the pickguard.  I have not removed the pickguard and do not know if they involve the finish or if it only involves the pickguard.  I am keeping it in its original state for sale, but the next owner could easily replace the pickguard and this would not be seen either way. I can find no other defects on this guitar.  The headstock has been stamped used, but it is a new guitar.  The stamp is to prevent a dishonest sale of a guitar that was not meant as a regular production guitar.

In addition to the fingerboard inlay, this has Steinberger gearless tuners and EpiActive pickups (this is the only one of the three with these pickups).  Otherwise, it is a pretty typical Explorer design with a rosewood fingerboard.

The playability of the guitar is superb with a straight neck and jumbo frets.  All electronics and hardware work perfectly.

I will include a high quality gigbag with 20 mm high density foam padding.

Our certification for international shipping of rosewood is in process, so international shipping is possible, but would be significantly delayed until this is complete.  Please contact us for more details if you are an interested international buyer.

SOLD - Epiphone Explorer Brendon Small Dethklok Metalocalypse Prototype

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