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This Ibanez Sound Gear SR505 is one I bought new and kept in my personal collection. I'm a guitarist, but have been called upon to play bass from time to time.  I picked up a great Nash 4 string that is going to take this ones place. 

This one is in excellent condition with just a few tiny nicks in the finish on the back and around the jack.  You can see these in the pics. 

The playability is fantastic. The neck is thin enough to be especially fast and gives a more guitar like feel than I've found with any other bass. The Bartolini MK1 active pickups sound amazing.  This is one seriously high quality instrument that can be had for an amazingly low price. 

An Ibanez hardshell case is included. 

SOLD - Ibanez SR505 - 5 String Bass with Case

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