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Regal guitars was owned by Lyon & Healy during the 1930s, and the company made a wide range of stringed instruments.  While most of them were in the affordable range, there were some like this guitar which were in a mid-range quality, comparable to the Gibson L-50 or the Epiphone Blackstone.  Like those, this one has a carved spruce top and like most of those has a laminated maple back.  It also has some very nice aesthetic details, particularly the checkerboard binding which is entirely made of alternating pieces of light and dark wood, appearing consistent with maple and walnut.


The guitar has a great punchy, classic archtop tone with the expected mid-range/fundamental focus.  The tone is fairly dry, a lot like the Epiphone Blackstone.


There are some small holes in the top that appear to have been where a piezo system was installed at one time.  The bridge mostly covers these holes and they have no effect on the tone.  There are no cracks, breaks, or repairs. The tailpiece has been replaced and there is a hole in the end block which is the perfect size for an endpin jack.


The guitar comes with a well-padded gig bag which fits the guitar very nicely.


Ships free in the continental United States.

SOLD - 1930s Regal Acoustic Archtop - Carved Spruce Top

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