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This L-50 was made shortly after Gibson upsized the model to a 16 inch lower bout.  It features a solid carved top which is in superb condition with absolutely no cracks and only minor scratches, as seen in the photos.  It also has the elevated fretboard end, like the higher end model Gibson archtops, and in contrast to later L-50s which had a fretboard which was mounted flush to the top of the guitar.  This configuration means that a floating pickup can easily be mounted to this guitar with adequate clearance.

All of the parts appear original to the guitar, including the pickguard and frets.  The back and sides are solid with no cracks.  The finish is in very good condition, particularly considering the age of the guitar.  The top is solid without any hint of sinkage.

The neck has the typical V shape of the era.  It is straight and allows for smooth playability.  The 1.79 inch wide nut is especially great for fingerstyle players.

The case appears vintage correct and may have been with the guitar for its entire life.

The factory order number for this guitar can be found on page 133 of Spann's guide.

Weight - 4 lb 8 oz
Nut Width - 1.79 inches

SOLD - 1936 Gibson L-50 Archtop - Sunburst

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