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This 1937 Gibson L-50 acoustic archtop is in all original condition and comes with the original hardshell case.  This one has all of the most desired, but uncommon features found in the L-50.  These are the features that make it most like the higher end 16-inch Gibson archtops and include a fully carved, arched maple back and a fingerboard tail which is elevated above the top of the guitar, allowing easy installation of a floating pickup if desired.   This is a great find in that most L-50 examples with an elevated fingerboard have a flat back, and those with arched backs usually do not have the elevated fingerboard.  In addition to this rare combination, this guitar also features a rarely seen variation of the tailpiece with a crossbar that shows the diamond pattern seen on early L-7 tailpieces of the same era. I have never seen this particular combination of desireable features all in one guitar, having seen many, many variations of 1930s L-50s.  This is a great way to get into a 1930s 16-inch Gibson archtop with all of the structural specs of a 1930s Gibson L-5 at mere fraction of the price and about half of the current value of a 16-inch L-7.


The guitar plays great, and has the punch and tone one expects from a 1930s, 16-inch Gibson archtop. The frets are in good condition with light wear and only slight divots in the first three frets which do not affect playability.  The playability is smooth with no buzzing. The neck has a V-shape typical of the era which has a bit softer of an angle than most, but still clearly has a V-shape. The original Grover tuners work great and hold tune effectively.  The original bridge has room to adjust either up or down as the player desires.  The original pickguard is also in great condition. There is a center seam separation of the back that has been reglued.  It wasn't the best cosmetic repair, but it appears completely stable.


Nut width - 1.76 inches

Weight - 4.69 pounds


The original hardshell case has fully functional hinges and latches.  The purple liner is in very good condition.  The overall structure is stable, but there is some tolex missing and the lid has an area of separation from the rim which can be seen in the photos.


Ships free in the United States, and with very reasonable rates worldwide.

SOLD -1937 Gibson L-50 with Elevated Fingerboard and Rare Tailpiece Variation

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