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If you're in the market for classic big band style bark in an elegant Epiphone, look no further.  This one is about as punchy as it gets.  This one is loud!  All of its mid-range focused sound comes out at once with the classic rapid decay that was favored by big band players needing to keep the rhythm and be heard over horn players.  You could certainly play chord melody pieces on this one, but comping is where it really shines.


The top is finely carved spruce with a nice recurve, and the back is highly flamed maple.


The guitar was just set up by master luthier Darrell Guinn and plays beautifully.  It had previously been refretted from the first to the 14th frets.  To make the playability optimal, Darrell replaced the nut with a new, perfectly cut, unbleached bone nut, replaced the first fret which was a little short, and gave it a precision level and crown.


The guitar has a single, cleated crack running from the bass side f-hole toward the end of the guitar which appears to have been completely stable since being repaired long ago.  Otherwise it is crack free.  It also appears to have been set up for a time as a left handed guitar with evidence of a pickguard being mounted on the bass side.  Otherwise the finish is in very good condition with some scattered scuffs and much of the neck worn to bare wood from playing.


The guitar comes with a modern TKL case that fits the guitar beautifully.


Shipping in the continental US is included.  We ship worldwide.  Please contact us for rates.

SOLD - 1947 Epiphone Broadway

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