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This Gibson ES-350P is from the very first year of the ES-350 and the only year that they were produced with only a neck pickup.  The ES-350 is iconic in that it is the first production cutaway, electric, archtop guitar.  Barney Kessel's main guitar was a modified ES-350 and the Tal Farlow model was based on his ES-350. 


The specs could vary somewhat in the early years.  This example features a three-ply maple neck worth of an L-5, lightly flamed laminated maple back, laminated maple top, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, gold hardware, double parallelogram inlays, and of course, the classic P90 pickup.


While the original frets of this example show a considerable amount of wear, the guitar still plays beautifully and should provide many, many hours of play on these originals.  The rounded, C-shaped neck is very comfortable and is remarkably similar to the later iconic "1959 shape".  The P90 in this example sounds simply stunning and is definitely among the best I've heard.  Through a tweed high power Twin it shows off the quick, punch attack and singing tone only heard in the best examples of vintage P90s.


The all original finish is in remarkably good condition for a guitar that is over 75 years old with usual checking.  There is one very small area of missing finish on the back of the neck, likely from a guitar stand reaction.  It's almost unnoticeable to the touch.  The fade of this sunburst was beautifully done, adding to the beauty of this guitar.  There are some scattered, small nicks and dings as seen in the pics.  The original tuners are a rarely seen gold version of a short lived variation of open back Klusons which were soon replaced by the Kluson Deluxe tuner.  The bridge is original and has room to adjust either up or down as the player prefers.  The original tailpiece has lost most of its gold plating and the brass shows some patina.  This is just a beautiful example of a rare, early variation of the ES-350.


Weight - 5.3 pounds

Nut width - 1.7 inches

1st fret depth - 0.92 inches

10th fret depth - 1.02 inches


The guitar comes with an era correct Lifton case which is likely original to the guitar.  All hinges and latches work perfectly.


Ships free in the United States.  We also ship worldwide for very reasonable rates.



SOLD - 1947 Gibson ES-350 P - Sunburst - First year of model

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