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This 1948 Gibson L-7 is in very good condition and is in all original condition, except for the tailpiece, which is a reproduction.


The finish is original and shows a few small nicks, but very little wear.  The frets are also original and are in good condition.  The guitar shows very little play wear.  There are no cracks, breaks, or repairs.  The tuners are the original Kluson open back tuners that were only used for a very short time in the post-war period, before the closed back Kluson Deluxe tuners became standard.  The tuners function well and hold the guitar in tune well.  The screw hole for the neck mount of the pickguard has been stripped out, but that is an easy repair, and does not affect the integrity of the neck.


The guitar has just had a fresh set up and plays great, sounding like a classic 17 inch Gibson archtop should.


The guitar comes with an old, but functional chipboard case.


SOLD - 1948 Gibson L-7 - Sunburst

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