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We are proud to present not only probably the finest Super 400 archtop that we've ever seen, but also one of the finest vintage Gibson archtops that we ever have.  The condition is astounding for an instrument over 70 years old.  While it appears in barely played condition, it is still an absolutely amazing sounding instrument, comparing very closely to the remarkable 1948 non-cutaway Super 400N that we recently sold (see them both on our YouTube channel here).   The guitar is made of some of the finest woods one could find.  The back in particular is one of the most striking pieces of bubble maple we have ever seen with a grain pattern that enhances the figuring even more.  This is also one of the last Super 400s to be made with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.


The guitar appears in all orginal condition, minus the pickguard which was likely and fortunately removed due to degrading celluloid before it could cause any damage to the guitar or case.  The pickguard neck mount pin and bracket screw are still in place.  The original Sealfast tuners work beautifully.  The bridge has room for adjustment, both up and down.  The frets appear original and show minimal wear, but needed a light leveling which was perfomed by Mark Lacey who recently serviced the guitar for us.  The finish shows no wear on the neck abd  almost no wear anywhere else, other than some very light dings in the finish, as can be seen in the photos.  There is light finish checking is present on the front and back of the body.  We believe that the reason the guitar remained in such remarkable condition for so long was that the neck angle was originally off, causing higher than comfortable action.  For that reason we had Mark Lacey reset the neck and set up the guitar. Now it is a supemely playable instrument.


The guitar comes with its original Lifton case.


Ships free in the United States.



1950 Gibson Super 400 CN Acoustic Archtop

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