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This ES-125 was made in 1956 based on the factory order number, but beautifully, professionally modified circa 1980 as a Charlie Christian conversion.  Since its a 16 inch archtop, it mimics the original prewar ES-150 quite well.  The pickup is a late 1970s/1980 Gibson reproduction.  This is the same pickup used in the ES-175CC with the B string notch.  The pickguard is a spot on reproduction of the ones on the prewar ES-150.  The pots date to 1980.  See the attached pics of the inside of the guitar showing the pickup and pots.


The playability is superb with low action.  All strings ring out clearly across all of the frets.  The frets show a fair amount of wear, but are all level and without divots.  There isn't enough fret left for another level and crown, and when worn enough, the guitar will be ready for a refret.  For now though, it plays wonderfully and the pickup just sounds so good.


The guitar is in very good condition for a guitar that is now over 60 years old.  It shows some expected finish checking and a little buckle rash.  The back of the neck has some very minor chips which can barely be felt.


It came to us in a 1960s case fit for a 17 inch archtop which is in very good condition.  Unless we find an appropriate 16 inch case, the guitar will come with the 17 inch one.


We ship worldwide!  International customers, please contact us for rates.

SOLD - 1956 Gibson ES-125 Charlie Christian Conversion

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