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This L-7C is another from the golden era of archtops and comes with a similar vintage DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1100 pickup which was the top of the line floating pickup made by them and is the only one with adjustable poles. There is a reason these are so sought after....they sound amazing. I can offer a substantial discount if selling the guitar without the pickup and pickguard assembly.


The guitar itself show scratches, nicks, and dings, but is completely free of cracks or breaks. The bridge is a replacement tune-o-matic, but all of the other hardware is original. The tuners work great. The pickguard is slightly warped, as these often are which currently puts the DeArmond control box in tight contact with the top. This isn't an issue at all, and is probably a benefit if you plan on using the guitar primarily as an electric guitar as it dampens the top, cutting down feedback issues. The pickup, pickguard assembly is very easy to remove should the player want to experience the guitar's full acoustic potential, which is great. The guitar is a smooth and easy player, currently set up as an electric with low action. The neck is a comfortable full C, typical of a mid-1950s Gibson.


The guitar comes with a case which appears of a similar era, but I do not believe it is original to the guitar. It functions fine with working latches, but I wouldn't personally use it for transport.


Ships free in the continental United States. We also ship worldwide. Please contact us for international rates.


SOLD - 1956 Gibson L-7C with 1950s DeArmond RC1100 Floating Pickup

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