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Production of the Guild CE-100 was supposed to have begun in 1956, and 1956 serial numbers start at 3000.  This guitar's serial number, 3005, makes it one of the very first guitars made in 1956, and makes it very early in the history of the CE-100 model.  Being an early model Guild, this one also has a really great example of the single coil Franz pickup which is original to the guitar.  

The frets in the Brazilian rosewood fretboard are original and still have life in them.  The guitar is very easy to play with the Thomastik-Infeld flatwound strings currently on it.  All of the other parts, including all of the electronics appear to be original as well.  The electronics all function properly and a great 1950s classic jazz tone is very easy to dial in, although I could easily see this guitar being fantastic playing classic country or early rock 'n' roll as well.

The guitar has picked up a few small dings along the way, and the binding has just shrunk enough to cause a couple of very small cracks in the binding (as pictured), but overall, the guitar is in very good shape.  The only other things that I would say are of note is a small hole in the back of the headstock, presumably for a strap connection, and a refilled strap pin hole in the upper bout which is very hard to see.

I will include a molded hard shell case which has a perfect fit, and will certainly give great protection during shipping, but is cracked along the lower bout where you can see it is taped.

Free shipping included in the continental United States.

SOLD - 1956 Guild CE-100 - Very early example

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