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This 1960 ES-175 is in phenomenal condition. Its original PAFs and potentiometers were harvested long ago, but the tuners, bridge, tailpiece, jack, knobs, endpin, frets, and switch. The wiring harness is new and we gave it a set of unpotted Gibson MHS pickups which are the same ones Gibson used in the 1959 reissue ES-175s of several years ago.  These are great reproductions of unpotted PAF pickups and sound better than the majority of original PAFs we have heard. 


There is some fret wear, mainly on the first three frets, as is most often seen, but the guitar plays beautifully. No fretwork is needed. Notes ring out clearly at all frets. Hands down, this is one of the best sounding ES-175s we have played. The finish is in beautiful condition with very little wear or checking for a 60 year old guitar. There is a barely noticeable, superficial scratch down the center of the back of the neck.


The guitar also comes with it's original pink lined, brown Lifton case which has had some repairs.


Ships free in the continental United States. We also ship worldwide. Please contact us for international rates.

SOLD - 1960 Gibson ES-175 - Sunburst - Original Case

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