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This Gibson Les Paul Custom (SG) is mostly original and where it is most important, it is ALL original.  All three pickups are original PAFs and all of the wiring is original and untouched.  The bridge has been replaced.  I presume that the original suffered the fate of many early ABR-1 bridges and had corroded beyond usability.  The cover for the tremolo unit also appears to be in too good of condition to be original to the guitar, considering the wearing of the gold plating on other parts and the "poker chip" has been replaced.  Everything else, including the case appears to be original.

All parts work perfectly and it has simply great playability.  The original frets have some divots in the "cowboy chord" area, but they do not appear to have any significant effect on playability.  Otherwise, the frets are in pretty good shape.  There are absolutely no cracks or breaks anywhere and no signs of any repairs.  The neck is straight and the truss rod works correctly. The finish has yellowed nicely.  There are some signs of wear to the finish, mainly some chips along the edges, and some checking of the lacquer.  There are no significant dents.  The pickguard has warped a little, but it does not get in the way at all when playing.

The inexact dating in my listing is due to some ambiguity.  A very well known appraiser puts the guitar at 1961, but the specs fit better with a 1962, and the serial number puts the guitar at early 1963.

Weight - 7 lb 10 oz
Nut width - 1 11/16"

Please check out my demo video.

Again, the original hardshell case is included.  The case is in very good condition and the latches work well, with the exception of one in which the spring action no longer works to hold the latch in place.

SOLD - 1961-1963 Gibson Les Paul (SG) Custom - White - Three Original PAFs

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