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Ampeg amplifiers are known for their amazing clean tone. This one is certainly capable of giving you sublime cleans, but much like the Gemini II we also have for sale that's not all it can do. Crank this amp and you can get great overdriven tones with amazing clarity. Put an overdrive pedal in front of it and get even more gain and complexity. On top of that you get the lush reverb that Ampegs are known for, plus a vibrato circuit, both of which are switchable with the original, hardwired footswitch. The cabinet is solid. The tolex shows a few small tears, but is in overall good condition.


Output - 35W


This amp has been fully serviced by Michael Clark of Clark Amplification who also replaced the original power cord with a properly grounded three-prong cord. The transformers are original. All parts that were replaced are included with the amp.  The speaker baffle appears original, but was clearly made for a 12-inch speaker and it doesn't appear that there is anyway that a 15-inch speaker could be crammed into the available space, so I'm not sure what the case is there.  When we received it, it also had a vintage 12-inch home audio speaker in the cabinet.  We fixed that less than optimal situation by having Michael Clark load it with a made in England Celestion Greenback which definitely adds to giving the guitar a very nice break up when pushed.  I find the Baxendale tonestack of these amps more versatile than the tone controls of a typical Fender amp.  Classic Ampeg amps are where one can really get the most bang for the buck in tube amplifiers.


It's best to consider this a local pickup item only. Special arrangements can be made for shipping, but considering the size and weight of this amp as well as the additional care needed for packing, it will be quite costly if requested and will take longer than the usual preparation time.

1967 Ampeg GV-15 Gemini V Combo Guitar Amp

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