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This Guild T-50 was one of only 44 made in 1969.  It is in almost all original condition, including having it's original DeArmond single coil pickup.  However, it no longer has its original pickguard.  The thinline body is the same size as a Gibson ES-335, but is fully hollow, like an ES-330 or the even more similar ES-125T.  The C-shaped neck is made of a single piece of quartersawn mahogany, and the fretboard and bridge are made of rosewood.


The action is fast with all notes ringing out clearly at all frets.  The full hollowbody guitar is remarkably resonant for a maple laminate, thinline archtop, having a very nice acoustic voice, more than adequate for at home unplugged playing.  Vintage DeArmond made pickups have a great reputation for a reason...they sound great, and this one is no exception.


The all original nitrocellulose lacquer finish shows some minor wear, mostly around the back edges, but all in all is in very good condition with minimal checking.  The finish of the neck is in remarkably good condition, and is smooth and fast throughout.  Of note is one small chip in the fingerboard at the 12th fret near the high e string.  It doesn't affect play at all, but is worth mentioning.  The headstock overlay shows a little shrinkage, typical of 1960s Hoboken made Guild guitars.


Weight - 5.35 pounds

Nut width - 1.67 inches

1st fret neck depth - 0.9 inches

10th fret neck depth - 0.95 inches


The guitar comes with a non-original hardshell case that fits perfectly.  The hinges and latches work perfectly, but there is no handle.  The top of the case has some faded stenciling on it that say GUS - bluesman and a peace sign.

SOLD - 1969 Guild T-50 SB Hollowbody Electric - Original DeArmond Pickup

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