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Talk about a great vintage amp that hardly anyone knows about.  These Guild amps really fit the bill.  The Maverick sounds great clean or overdriven.  It has really great tone and is really responsive to touch.  This one is all original, except for having Michael Clark of Clark Amplification swap the power cord for a properly grounded three prong cord and remove the "death cap" while inspecting it.  The amp runs quietly with minimal hum and really sounds great with a really nice, lush reverb.  The two original 10-inch CTS speakers really seem like a great match for the amp.  The original power cord and removed "death cap" are included.


Output - 60W


The weight and shape of this amp should make shipping relatively easy, so I will offer free shipping in the continental US and international shipping for an additional fee which will be dependent on the location of the buyer.

1970s Guild Maverick Combo Guitar Amplifier

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