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At this point, I don't know of any other example like this. This is a Les Paul Custom that was factory ordered with the Les Paul Artisan fingerboard. It may or may not be a one-off, but it is certainly very rare. There is supposed to be one documented known Les Paul Standard with this configuration also, but this is the only example of a Custom that I have found. It is in player's condition, so the price is reduced from what we would ask for such an unusual piece were it in collector's condition.


That said though, it is a phenomenal playing guitar. The action is low and fast, and the notes ring out clearly. I thought about trying to find a good set of era correct T-top humbuckers to put in it, but honestly, the Lollar Imperials that are in it match so well that I can't bring myself to remove them. They sound better than any T-tops I've ever played, and that's a lot of T-tops.


The finish all appears original, but for some reason there was a very light black spray added just over the serial number decal which can be seen with a black light. All of the decal can still be clearly made out in the right light, so I can't think of any good reason that it was done, other than to help protect the decal, but why in black? No matter the reason, the decal and serial number clearly date the guitar to 1976. The tuners, nut, frets, and knobs all appear completely original. The ebony fretboard is factory original. The bridge and tailpiece do not appear to show enough wear to be orignal, but are the correct spec for the era with a Schaller "made in Germany" bridge and an era correct matching stop bar. The finish shows some areas of wear through the clear coat, but the black layer appears intact.


The guitar comes with the original hardshell case.


Ships free in the continental United States. We also ship worldwide. Please contact us for international rates.


SOLD - 1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom with Factory Custom Order Artisan Fretboard

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