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Video demo here.


In excellent condition, this is #40 of the 77 guitar run. This is a highly collectible guitar which plays as great as it looks.

This guitar is simply stunning, from the highly flames maple covering every surface to all of the crafted wood appointments which are used in place of what would usually be plastic. Also, check out the custom designed nut made for these. There is amazing attention to detail throughout. Overall, it is in excellent condition with very little playwear, light buckle, button scratches on the back, and light lacquer checking of the headstock and neck.

It is not exaggeration to say that this as easy playing as any Les Paul out there. I can’t tell you how many I have played over the years, but examples that play as well as this one are exceedingly rare.

The storied Kalamazoo craftsmanship shines throughout every inch of this guitar. It’s not only an amazing guitar for a collector, but a player as well.

The original hardshell case and one surviving piece of paperwork are included

SOLD - 1977 Gibson The Les Paul #40 (Video Demo)

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