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This is an absolutely fantastic jazz box, especially suited to bebop and similar styles, but fantastic for other jazz styles and blues. 

Many of these are said to have neck issues. This one has a perfectly straight neck and no fret issues. 

This is one of the early "lawsuit" era PE-175s. In contrast to the models made in later years, these had headstocks which were very similar to Gibson's. They also did not have the "Herb Ellis" fretboard inlay that later model years had. 

This guitar is all original and even includes the original hardshell case. The fretboard is real ebony and the body is maple laminate. The pickups are the original Maxon models. The combination of these elements gives an extremely articulate yet complex tone that is comparable to the classic tone of ES-175s with humbuckers. These guitars are the real deal. Herb Ellis exclusively played his signature Aria Pro II model for many years, something that can't be said for many other of the jazz greats. 

This particular guitar has the cracking of the binding that is often seen in the Japanese guitars if this era, but it is all intact with no gaps or missing pieces. The finish is in superb condition with hardly a fault. The pickguard support shows some green patina consistent with aging copper in the metal. 

All in all this is a beautiful example of the late 70s work of Matsumoku, and a jazz guitar worthy of any stage. 

Weight: 7 lb 5 oz

All of my guitars come with a thorough inspection with repair or reconditioning of any parts that need it. Any natural aging is left as is in order to preserve the full authenticity and value of the instrument. A fresh setup and strings are always included. In this case the guitar has been set up with a new set of 12 gauge D'Addario Chromes flat wound strings.

1978 Aria Pro II PE-175 Herb Ellis - Sunburst

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