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This is an absolutely stunning PRS Custom 24 from 1990, made at the original Virginia Street facility. The condition is excellent. I would almost classify it as near mint. There are some hairline scratches in the finish, mostly on the back. The only thing I can find that could not be polished out is a tiny chip, in the finish of the neck that is no more than 1 mm is size. That's it, otherwise it looks nearly new at 27 years old! 

There are almost no signs of fretwear and the playability is perfect. 1990 was the last year that Brazilian rosewood was standard for fretboards, so this one has it. 

The pickups are correct models (vintage bass and HFS) and they sound beautiful. They are white label pickups, but appear like they may be newer than the guitar. 

The circuit also has the sought after sweet switch that is no longer produced. 

The neck has the regular pattern. 

The original hard shell case is included and looks almost perfect too. The original case candy and the tremolo bar are also included.  

This guitar looks like it's been in its case, forgotten in a closet for most of the last 27 years, but it's worthy of being played everyday. 

Weight - 7 lb 11 oz.

SOLD - 1990 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Cherry Red - Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard

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