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This Gibson Les Paul Custom is near the end of the guitars done as reissues prior to the Gibson Custom Shop officially opening in 1993.  For this period, the guitar looks all original to me, except for a replaced volume pot for the neck pickup.  


The guitar is a stunningly great playing guitar with the neck currently set with essentially no relief and very, very low action with only a very small amount of fret buzz.  With a typical low action this buzz would go away completely. For those who don't mind a slight amount and like their action on the super low side, this guitar is perfect.  If you like normal low action with no buzz, it also would work perfectly.  The frets show little wear and as you might guess with the described playability they are completely level.  The neck is C-shaped.  One thing to note is that the pre-historic reissues actually have a neck that has a somewhat slimmer depth that a modern '57 reissue (see measurements below).  It is true to a 1957 reissue in having a traditionally mounted ABR-1 bridge and an all mahogany body and neck with an ebony fingerboard.


The finish is in good condition, showing light wear to the top, but no major scratches or chips there.  The back shows light impressions and scratching, as well as one small finish chip, as shown in the photos.  


Weight - 9.75 pounds

Nut width - 1.69 inches

1st fret depth - 0.83 inches

12th fret depth - 0.98 inches


The guitar comes with the original hardshell case which shows some outer wear, but works perfectly, except for a broken catch on the locking latch hasp (which can be had for about $15).


Ships free in the United States, and for very reasonable rates worldwide.

SOLD - 1992 Gibson "Pre-Historic" 1957 Reissue Les Paul Custom

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