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The XP2 was introduced as a less expensive alternative to the XL2.  The XP2 has the same neck and bridge as the XL2, but has a body made of maple instead of a molded graphite body.  The XP2A also has a set of active EMG pickups while the base XP2 had passive pickups. The battery compartment is underneath the separate portion of the pickguard on the bass side.

This bass shows some small finish chips and very light finish checking. 

The playability is beautiful and the electronics all work as they should with two volume controls and a master volume.  The frets show essentially no wear and the guitar is currently strung with a double ball end set of LaBella flats, giving the bass a nice thump and somewhat more vintage tone.  The bridge and tuners all work perfectly.  The bass has a regular 34" long scale.

The bass comes with the original gig bag.  The bag works well with normally functioning zipper, but does have a seam separation in the area of the "headstock". It looks like this could probably be repaired/sewn together pretty easily.

Ships free in the US and for very reasonable rates worldwide.

1992 Steinberger XP2A Headless Bass (Newburgh - Pre-Gibson)

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