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This limited edition ES-335 was part of a limited run, taking inspiration from classic cars of the 1950s. Made with a mix of features of the different ES series semi-hollow guitars, including the binding of an ES-345 and the big block inlays of the ES-355.


This one is in mint condition, although there is one very minor, small factory finish flaw on the back of the neck around the level of the 2nd fret, as seen in the photos.


The guitar plays flawlessly and has a wonderful round tone. The action is low and there is no buzzing. All notes ring out clearly. This one is stamped "DEMO" on the back of the headstock.

Weight - 7 lb 7 oz.


The original hardshell case, certificate of authenticity, and case candy are all included.

SOLD - 2018 Gibson ES-335 Big Block Retro - Classic White - New condition

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