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This is a beautifully flamed ES-355, plays beautifully and sounds fantastic.  The MHS II pickups are supposedly based on 1960s Gibson humbuckers and they sound very true to this.  Unlike the '60s skinny necked Gibsons, this has the standard 1 11/16" nut that most prefer.  

This guitar was originally sold as a demo model direct from Gibson and the included COA reflects this.  Honestly, except for a few almost unnoticeable finish defects, it would be in near mint condition.  I tried to capture the worst, which is a small focus of orange peel in the finish on the top right next to the bass side of the fretboard, and it's so minor that it can barely be seen in the photos.  The most important things, playability and tone are perfect.

The original hardshell case, COA, and case candy are all included.

We ship worldwide, and do so regularly.  International customers, please contact us for rates.

SOLD - 2019 Gibson ES-355 Figured - Vintage Natural

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