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This is the second Aristides we have had now and both have been fantastic guitars.  This one has several upgrade features.


First is a custom feature is HSS pickup configuration which is not typically offered on this model.  The pickups are Bare Knuckle Cobras in the neck and middle and Bare Knuckle Blackhawk in the bridge.  Additonal upgrades include an arcade style killswitch and the Hipshot Contour Tremolo bridge.


The guitar is currently set up to play 1 1/2 steps down (C# to c#).  The action is smooth and all notes ring out clearly.  The guitar can be set up for another tuning at the time of sale, if requested.


The original Aristides branded Mono gig bag and all case candy are included.


We ship worldwide!  Please ask us for rates.

SOLD - Aristides T/0r - Black - Mint - Bare Knuckle Pickups

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