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This assembly includes a reissue DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1100 (RC1100) with mounting arm and wiring harness all mounted on a multibound nitrocellulose pickguard which is a Gibson non-cutaway style.  The harness is also set up for a piezo pickup which could be wired into the circuit (no piezo pickup included).  With no piezo pickup the switch essentially functions as a killswitch.  The pickup measures 6.15k.  An endpin style jack is wired into the circuit which could be used as an endpin dropped through the treble f-hole or mounted on the outside of the guitar (pickguard or tailpiece).


Ships free in the continental United States.  Contact us for international rates.

DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1100 Reissue Pickguard Assembly for Non-cutaway Archtop

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