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This Steinberger ZT3 features a Transtrem-III bridge which works beautifully. The transtrem allows one to transpose all of the strings in tune to 5 different keys, bend all of the strings in unison, or do extreme bends like a Floyd Rose. The double ball end strings allow for the fastest string changes possible.
This one comes loaded with a DiMarzio FRED in the bridge which is the pickup Joe Satriani used for years and is heard on many of his recordings, until DiMarzio came out with his signature Mo' Joe pickup. The neck position is loaded with a DiMarzio PAF.
It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition. It has a very small, hairline finish crack on the treble side of the neck pocket. The guitar comes with it's original gig bag, manuals, and extra bridge screws.

SOLD - Steinberger ZT3

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